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[SEA] S2 - Lunaria City Opening Events!

Event Time: Permanent

Event Description: You've been itching to get your hands on a pair of Lunaria Story's Wings, haven't you? Now you can! Recharge any amount for the first time, on any server, and receive a First Recharge Gift Pack. This pack contains all sorts of goodies, including a pair of Wings.

First Recharge Gift Pack

Basic Angel Wings x1, Level-Up Card (50-59 Level) x1, Silver Card (100K) x1, Star Spirit Pill - Superior x10, Level 1 Dodge Gem x10, Level 1 Critical Strike Gem x10, Level 1 Tenacity Gem x10, Stone of Growth x2, Stone of Potential x2, Double EXP Card x1, Star Feather x5


The Level-Up Card (50-59 Level) can be used to directly increase your character's level by one. It can only be used once, so use it wisely!
Basic Angel Wings don't just look great, but also offer an HP boost of 500. They can also be upgraded to become even more gorgeous, and provide additional stat boosts.

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 26th GMT+8

Event Description: Recharge during this event and receive unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Gold purchased. Each tier receives items for all levels that fall below it.

Recharge 1,000 Gold - Reward Poster x10, Slash Extension Scroll x3, Olive Branch x10, Double EXP Card x10, Advanced Pet Food x10, Refresh Token x10

Recharge 3,000 Gold - Money Vault Certificate x3, Star Spirit Pill - Superior x20, Power Medicine x30, Magic Crystal Core x30, Star Feather x20, Succession Scroll x10

Recharge 5,000 Gold - Pet Spirit Stone x5, Stone of Growth x5, Stone of Potential x5, Aptitude Pill x30, Level 3 Life Gem x2, Purification Stone x50, Level 2 Normal Skill Manual x1

Recharge 10,000 Gold - Level 4 Critical Strike Gem x1, Level 4 Explosive Damage Gem x1, Level 4 Tenacity Gem x1, Level 4 Accuracy Gem x1

Recharge 30,000 Gold - Seal Gift Pack (Prophet Leader) x10, Flying Squirrel Pet Egg (Purple) x1

Recharge 80,000 Gold - Spirit of the Dragon x30, Level 5 Critical Rate Gem x1, Level 5 Life Gem x1, Level 5 Accuracy Gem x1, Level 5 Dodge Gem x1, Purification Lock x10, Second Rate Realm Pill x3

Recharge 200,000 - Spirit of the Dragon x30, Hymn Anima Lvl (legendary seal, HP +2000). 1 x1, Lvl. 5 Tenacity Gem x3, Lvl. 5 CDAM Gem x3, Lvl. 5 PDEF Gem x3, Lvl. 5 MDEF x3, Succession Scroll x20, Purification Lock x20, Purification Stone x100.

Notes: Rewards may only be redeemed once per character.

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 26th GMT+8

Event Description: Players who hold three of the "Top One" titles (No.1 Guild is not included) at the end of the 7th day after a server is released will earn the mysterious pet, Slime!

Pet - Slime

Event Time: Permanent

Event Description: Take part in the Login Raffle and receive FREE items! To participate in the Login Raffle, simply click the Login Rewards icon, located left of the mini-map. Rewards include: Sorcerer Scroll x3, Star Spirit Pill - Middle x2, Money Vault Certificate x2, Voucher Card (50) x1, Double EXP Card x1, Refresh Token x5, Slash Extension Scroll x3, Level 3 Attack Gem Pack x1, Pet Aptitude Pack x1 and much more!

And don't forget about the Free Gold promo! Earn 30 Gold FREE every day you login, for your first 3 days of playing! Simply click the Free Gold icon, located left of the mini-map.

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 22th GMT+8

Event Description: Who doesn't love a sale? For a limited time, select items will be on sale! Check out what items below!

Legendary Pet Capsule - Used to randomly receive Pet Cards, allowing you to change your pet's appearance!
Adventure Investment Plan - Invest and reap rewards over a period of time!
◘ Lastly, select clothing will be on sale. Check out the Shop for more details!

Event Time: Permanent

Event Description: Looking for that extra edge? Complete the main quest line up to level 33 and you will earn Heavy Gold Bars x1. Players may use this item to receive Gold upon reaching certain levels.

◘ Use at level 38 to earn 200 Gold
◘ Use at level 40 to earn 300 Gold
◘ Use at level 44 to earn 450 Gold
◘ Use at level 46 to earn 600 Gold
◘ Use at level 48 to earn 700 Gold
◘ Use at level 50 to earn 900 Gold
◘ Use at level 52 to earn 1,300 Gold
◘ Use at level 55 to earn 1,800 Gold

Event Time: Permanent

Event Description: To help each of you get started, we'll be offering a special Newbie Gift Pack for all new players! Newbie Gift Packs require a gift code, which may be redeemed HERE. Once you have a gift code, click the Bulletins button, found just under the mini-map. Next, click the Gift Packs tab and input your gift code. It's that easy!

Every Newbie Gift Pack will include the following items: Small MP Pack x5, Small HP Pack x5, Teleportation Talisman x10, Double Star Spirit Card x1, Power Medicine x5

Redeemed here:

P.S. Looking for extra items to help you level? Don't forget the Level Gift Pack! Reach certain levels and you will receive bundles of rewards. See below for more details.

◘ Level 10 - Silver Card (10K) x2, Teleportation Talisman x2
◘ Level 20 - Teleportation Talisman x5, Advanced Pet Food x3
◘ Level 30 - Resurrection Stone x5, Reward Poster x2, Refresh Token x5, Magic Scroll x3, Escort Scroll x2
◘ Level 35 - Power Medicine x5, Basic Materials Scroll x2, Slash Extension Scroll x1, Teleportation Talisman x10, Star Feather x5
◘ Level 40 - Star Spirit Pill - Superior x5, Magic Crystal Core x3, Starlight Jacket Synthesis Scroll x1, Glorious Cloth Hat Synthesis Scroll x1, Skylight Pants Synthesis Scroll x1, Low Level Synthesis Protection Talisman x2
◘ Level 45 - Double EXP Card x1, Double Star Spirit Card x1, Advanced Pet Food x5, Pet Spirit Stone x1, Stone of Growth x5, Succession Scroll x2
◘ Level 50 - Double EXP Card x2, Double Star Spirit Card x2, Resurrection Stone x2, Reward Poster x5, Star Feather x10, Aptitude Pill x5, Purification Lock x2, Spirit of the Dragon x2

Event Time: End at 23:59 (Server Time), the server's opening day

Event Description: Don't wait to express your love! Couples who get married on the very first day of a new server will receive bonus wedding gifts! The first couple to wed on the server (on the opening day) will have their entire wedding fee refunded. In addition, all couples married on the first day will receive a FREE 999 Flower Bouquet.

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 22nd GMT+8

Event Description: Meet the requirements, within the prescribed time, and receive powerful Manadance items.

Fighting Machine - Must be completed within 24 hours after your character has been created.

◘ Manadance Weapon - Reach level 42.
◘ Divine Costume - Must be completed within 72 hours after your character has been created.
◘ Manadance Hat - Become VIP2.
◘ Manadance Robe - Enhance all equipment to level 40.
◘ Manadance Cuisses - Raise all character's basic attributes (Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Wisdom) to 500.
◘ Manadance Shoes - Clear level 50 of the Star Palace Ruins.

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 26th GMT+8

[Event Description]: Players who are ranked in the top ten for Might, Pet, and Wings can receive rewards!

Find out what you can get in game! Play Now.

Event Time: Permanent

Event Description: The guild to first achieve victory in the first Guild Battle will not only earn Prestige, but will also receive the following rewards:

◘ Title - Number One Guild
◘ Third Rate Realm Pill x1

Guild Battle will transpire every week, title be transfered to the winning guild each week.

Event Time: Permanent

Event Description:
The Sea Demon King has been invading the Land of Lunaria, everyday at 10:30 and 16:30. Adventurers, stand up to defeat him, and protect your homeland. Will you be the one to defeat him? The top ten players who inflict the most damage will receive rare seals from Lord Dray in Lunaria City.

◘ 1st Place - Waymarker Anima x1 (Physical Defense +800)
◘ 2nd Place - Psalm Spiritus (HP +1000)
◘ 3rd Place - Accuracy Spiritus (Accuracy +250)
◘ 4th - 10th Place - Shield Spiritus (Physical Defense +400)

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 24th GMT+8

Event Description: Make those around you envious and be rewarded for it! Players who successfully upgrade their wings to level 10 or level 20 will receive precious gem rewards!

◘ Level 10 Wings: Level 3 Attack Gem x1
◘ Level 20 Wings: Level 5 Attack Gem x1

Event Time: 10:00 Aug 20th - 23:59 Aug 24th GMT+8

[Event Description]:The player who ranks on top in total recharges in the 7th day since the server is
released can get a limited legendary Lava Lord Pet Card on 0:00 in the 8th day. This card can be used to give the player huge attributes boost and morph the pet into unique Lava Lord!

Lvl. 5 Lava Lord Card


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